I'm currently attending Fountain House, a place to hang out, do light work and slight counseling. I have a social worker that works with me to help me when I feel down. He's really nice and helpful when I get anxiety or panic attacks. I've been feeling good today and using positive thinking to overcome my fears. I'll try my best to feel better. I have support of fountain house and you guys. Having a disability sucks but I'm trying to deal with it step by step. My abilities get hampered a lot because I get distracted and lose focus. When I'm in a focused state I can great gusts up to 25 miles per hour. I can doubt myself a lot which contributes in failure of a manifestation.

     Some people on this site stated I focus on Wind PK to much and don't do any other form of PK. That is because I'm a natural Kinetic in wind and I love to create gusts around my block for fun. I enjoy this form the most. Other PK is boring to me and I get unmotivated to practice them. I just like what I like and no one can tell me  to do something else. If you need help with any thing related to manifesting Wind and being able to successfully do it post here I will help you out. Thanks in advance,

9/26/2012 04:28:01 am

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