Although I love to do Wind PK. I'm telling you the truth, sometimes I get no results. I feel powerless at times. Positive Emotions help to do any energy work, whether manipulating a flame on a candle or creating a gust or just meditating without distractions. So try to stay in tune and think positive while practicing PK.

       Telepathy takes focus in the beginning, and I'm not great at Telepathy, I like to do Telepathic Suggestion but I'm never sure I actually do TPS on them or it's a coincidence. I've never dabbled to much in TPS. Some advice would be nice.

    My tech is to link to a person through a tunnel, leading to their mind. Doubts of success or failur will result in TPS not working. I'm not honestly sure but when I practiced TPS I managed to put three people to sleep in the train sitting across from me. It could be they were just tired or it was me. I'm not sure. When I started doing TPS again I will post my results. 
5/31/2012 02:07:09 am

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