Hi my name is Eugene Vasilevskiy and I'm a psion. In truth every person has the ability to do PK. This is not a talent and you are not born with it. Every body has the ability to do PK, It is just when you become really good at PK you can be called a psion. Though I don't like to call myself a psion, but a regular person like you who is reading this that practices Magick.

I've been diagnosed with schizoeffective disorder and I have mood swings and social anxiety, plus on top of that OCD. When I practice Psionics I doubt myself a lot even when I create immense physical manifestations. I've been depressed all my life and have few friends. Stolide left cause he also has the same disorder. Yet I'm very involved in psionics and love what I do. Sometimes When I practice I have no results, other days I get great results. Because of my problems I have a hard time concentrating when I do PK and I get average results when I'm in doubt of myself. Just now I wanted to create a big gust where I usually practice and it was very cold since it's february now. It was very difficult for me to make a strong gust. I used all my techniques, I fully charged myself with psi and tried to project it outward but just moved a few leaves. My face and hands was on fire from so much psi. I think I can't really control my abilities fully and they are all over the place. I stopped meditating because it gets tedious. I'm trying my best to get myself better. My docter adjusted my meds so I feel less anxious in large crowds but I still feel anxious at times yet not so severly.

I actually showed my dad finally a little of wind pk. I was happy and motivated so when I showed him the wind started gusting. I started using a psi ball to create the wind, it was easy and he was amazed.

I have some trouble doing PK without hands, it's easier to pick up wind using my hands. I think I'm anchored a bit and need to retrace my habits of using hands. I do better when I'm in a happy mood and motivated, especially when it's warm outside I can sense psi better in warm weather.

2/6/2012 11:33:41 pm

Nice! Congrats on showing your dad.
Maybe you could stay on your meds and try some autosuggestion on yourself to help get rid of your anxieties.

I have it myself, lots of it. Extremely awkward in crowds, but its actually getting noticeably better and affecting me less.

2/9/2012 12:33:32 am

Thanks for your kind words, I looked up Auto Suggestion and I will try it out. By the way my dad really saw me doing PK for the first time and he was amazed. I always wanted to show someone what I'm capable of. I wish I could train with a Psion in real life than just the interent.

4/24/2012 12:10:09 am

Great info, thanks


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